Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've Been Busy! ^-^

     I have been busy...but not with music (my oh my Shara, how could you? :o) Actually, I've been busy playing an online mmorpg game, which is so much fun! :D It's called HeroSmash, and I'm on there everyday for hours, so if you want to hang and play an awesome game, go signup! HeroSmash is a game that's still under development, which means things change all the time. People are still designing levels and characters, which makes it so much fun to play. You can choose to be a Hero or Villain (lol Imma villain.) and you can customize your character! If your interested, my name on there is SharaX and here's a link to the site  When you see me, make sure to say your a bro from soundcloud, youtube, or facebook so I know! Also, if you need help learning the basics, give me a shout! ;) I'll help you out. ^-^

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  1. My son Keirnan said to check out your blogspot so Hi